Non-Invasive Fat Loss with UltraSlim®

Have you been struggling with losing excess fat? Over time, the body stores up extra calories in fat cells, causing weight gain, a very common issue. Some people have great success with eating healthy and exercising regularly, but it isn’t always that simple. UltraSlim offers a non-invasive fat removal solution designed to give you the lean curves you desire.

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How does fat removal work?

UltraSlim treatment uses the safest technology for non-surgical fat removal, with no known side effects. Red light therapy is used to trick fat cells, causing them to become part of the body’s natural detoxification system, effectively removing them. This helps to reduce fat in the tissue underneath the skin to reshape your body. The red light also has the benefit of helping skin look tighter and smoother by adding new collagen and elastin to the skin. UltraSlim is considered safer than other body contouring techniques and is a safe body contouring option for most skin types.

What to expect during body contouring treatment

This procedure takes about a half hour and while individual patient experience may vary, most patients see fat loss in just one visit. Some patients prefer a few treatments to ensure the best possible results. UltraSlim is ideal for fat reduction in the waist, hips, and thighs and isn’t considered to be painful. This completely non-invasive procedure allows the patient to return to their normal activities right away without any downtime.


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Fat Loss
Kathleen O. Edmunds, MD  Obstretrics & Gynecology